Feb. 4th, 2010 06:10 pm
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Remember when Bush mispronounced 'nuclear' and the libs had a field day?

Think this flub will receive the same treatment?

Obama salutes Navy corpse-man
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You know things are going poorly for Obama when even Maureen Dowd is calling him 'Captain Obvious'.
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"Soldier explains constitutional republic to cheering audience"

Our congresspeople are too busy to read the bills they vote on, so maybe it stands to reason that they're also too busy to read the Constitution they swore to uphold.

On another matter...

The prevailing liberal attitude on the Gates matter seems to be summed up thusly: "Well, maybe there wasn't overt racism in this case, but it doesn't really matter because racism exists everywhere anyway!" I've even seen people intimate that Crowley's minority colleagues sticking up for him only did so because they were intimidated by their white colleagues, or because they are sell-outs to their own race. It's insane. But while I was surfing around, I found this amusing piece -- at Salon of all places: In Defense of Obama's Stupid Remarks About l'affaire Gates.
Mr. Obama is new to the reality of being expected to have an opinion on everything on an instantaneous basis, and now perhaps has re-learned a brief, painful lesson about Law of Power Two: Always Say Less than is Necessary.

The article is about 5 days old, but the points made are still quite appropriate.
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It's catchy and -- well, I don't know that it has a beat or you could dance to it, but it's catchy!
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So this whole Patrick Gates thing? Gates-gate? Man has it gotten out of hand.

Now the idiot is at the WH daily briefing making a non-apology. Translation: "When I said they acted stupidly, I wasn't saying that the officers were stupid. And when I compared this to racial profiling, I wasn't implying that there was racial profiling in this case. Obviously the fact that so many people were offended by what I said is an indication that there's still 'troubling' racial tension in this country. What I really don't like is that you've all been focusing on what I said and not on my interminable health care press conference. "

His actual words: "I could have calibrated my words better... This is a teachable moment." WTF?

Oh man. HotAir should have something good on this later.

(I need a Obama with his head stuck in a bucket icon.)

ETA: Aha, here we go! HotAir: Obama: The Gates clusterfark is a “teachable moment” or something

Also, my brother made a great Obama w/bucket pic that I will shortly be iconing for my 'Obama is a moron' posts, specifically the ones relating to health care.
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Recovery.Gov: Obama Team Redesigns Stimulus Site -- for $9.5M
"OMB Watch built a site called, which does basically the same thing," he said. "We said we'll license it for $600,000."

Blue State Stimulus?
A report in USA Today says that "billions of dollars in federal aid delivered directly to the local level to help revive the economy have gone overwhelmingly to places that supported President Obama in last year's presidential election."

Time for a Second Stimulus?
CBS Evening News' Nancy Cordes reported Wednesday on a House oversight committee hearing on President Obama's economic stimulus package. The hearing comes after a report showed that the stimulus funds are being used for day-to-day operations in many states and not reaching the poor and jobless areas that need them most.

Some Democrats are talking about seeking a second stimulus even as the defend they first...

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Why is the court-approved, peaceful ousting of a conniving president in Honduras okay to "meddle" in, while hundreds of bloody deaths and a dictator's stolen election in Iran is not?
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What if government ran health care?

And even if you don't think comparing government-run healthcare to the DMV is fair, how about comparing it to, hmm, I don't know... government-run healthcare?

Amid growing controversy over procedures that exposed 10,000 veterans to the AIDS and hepatitis viruses, the Department of Veterans Affairs is now bracing against news that one of its facilities in Pennsylvania gave botched radiation treatments to nearly 100 cancer patients.

Veterans groups and lawmakers say VA hospitals have permitted these violations because federal regulations allow doctors to work with little outside scrutiny. They say the VA health system, with its under-funded hospitals and overworked doctors, is showing signs of an "institutional breakdown," in the words of one congressman.

I'm getting to the point where I either have to question the sanity or the morality of anyone who thinks Obama's plan is a good one.
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I need booze after that.

O'Reilly: "Do you think he was trying to be boring?"

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