Jan. 5th, 2013 03:12 pm
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- I spent the last 10 minutes scrolling through tumblr and gawking at pictures and gifsets from Hansel & Gretel. I mean I just can't even explain how much I want to see this and how terrible I expect it to be but dear God I don't care. Know why I don't care? THIS IS WHY.

Gee. Zus.

- I have some kind of leak under my kitchen sink. Sigh. Mom and Dad are coming over to take a look. Yes, I'm 30 and my parents are coming over to... okay, I almost typed 'check my plumbing' but that just sounds terrible. I'm hoping something just needs to be tightened because I have basically no money.

- Speaking of, I had to take Abby to the vet yesterday because she had an ingrown nail. $200 later, she's doing okay. I mean she's kind of a bitch on a good day, so she's not being friendly and playful or anything, but then I wouldn't expect that.

- DC Nation is back as of today! I'd seen both the Young Justice and Green Lantern episodes thanks to iTunes, so I'm looking forward to next weekend. Can I just say if we don't get some kind of awesome Aya/Razer reunion my wrath will be terrible? Because it will. It will.

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