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Watched the pilot.

*thumbs down, blows raspberry*
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"I'm not afraid to die."

"You should be: you'll live longer."

Oooh, I'm totally going to steal that.
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I'm having a Doctor Quinn: Medicine Woman marathon.

Don't judge me.

ETA: Hullo, Joe Lando riding a horse in slow motion, shirtless.

Okay. Go ahead and judge.
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Oooh... Young Justice just skipped ahead 5 years and added Wonder Girl and Batgirl among a bunch of new characters. Count me as an excited JL nerd ;)
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I'm already annoyed by the promos for The Finder. Even more than I was when a whole episode of Bones got co-opted by it. Even more than when I watched that episode and it was boring as hell. Sorry, Hart.
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Yeah... this show isn't gonna last very long.
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So I've watched the first two episodes of The Mentalist this afternoon. Not bad... they're pretty good at laying false trails and the main character, while indeed insufferable, is amusing to watch. Also I didn't realize that the show is based in California; the second episode is based in the Napa-Fairfield-Vacaville area which isn't too far from where I work. (Really anytime a cop show isn't based in New York it's a nice change of pace.)
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Does anyone on my friends list watch The Mentalist? Is it good? Is there ship?

Oh, and thanks everyone for the birthday wishes :)

Also... Fringe night!

ETA: Speaking of tv and ship... anyone watching Person of Interest? Reese/Carter = sexy cat-and-mouse OTP! :D
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So I wasn't really feeling it until the restaurant scene, "reverse Mormons" and singing Time of My Life. Is it wrong that I'm already shipping Jess/Nick?
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Watched the pilot of Ringer tonight. Not that bad, actually. SMG is great. And I had no idea Ioan Gruffudd was British. Not that that has anything to do with anything.

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