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The Bones finale gave me a sad.

Then the HIMYM finale gave me a happy.

Not really sure how to feel right now.
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Couple!Booth and Bones are just too damn cute!
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New Bones, Person of Interest, and Big Bang Theory tonight. Yay!

ETA: Watching PoI. Uhoh, Reese is showing concern towards Carter. I can practically hear the slashers' teeth gnashing about how thoughtless he is towards poor Daniel. Er, I mean Finch.

ETA2: Oooh I like where this is going.

ETA3: Clip from next week: Woo! Also, Carter looks nice with her hair pulled back. I know, it's all about the hair ;)
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I <3 Bones so much so far this season. I <3 the way... ) Of course I know there's a lot of season left to go, and no one on TV gets to be happy for long (happy is so boring), so I'm just going to enjoy it whilst I can!
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Oh God that was hilarious. I haven't enjoyed a Bones ep that much in a long time.

And wow Emily is busty now.


Oct. 30th, 2011 09:41 pm
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The promos for the new season of Bones are so adorable I'm afraid I might die of adorableness before the premiere actually airs.

If that should happen, avenge me!!!
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In honor of this week's premiere, a little fanmix dedicated to the really lousy timing on the part of these two ;)

Medium: TV
Fandom: Bones
Subject: Booth & Brennan, Seasons 5 and 6
Title: Cries & Kisses

Full-sized art, lyrics and links behind the cut )
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Fringe! Eee! Peter! Is it next Friday yet??

Also, I just saw my first new Bones promo, and I giggled... well, like a school-girl. I'm still slightly stunned that last season's finale really happened. Although I'm rather annoyed by the rumor - news? - that spoilers? ) but in general I'm just a giggly mess.
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4e25 - The Critic in the Cabernet - is making me laugh so hard right now...

ETA: 4e26... I wish it was the pilot for an actual show! A nightclub-running couple and their staff solve murders on the side!


Jun. 5th, 2011 06:43 pm
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How did I not remember that the names "Buck and Wanda" used in The Change in the Game were originally from 4e12, Double Trouble in the Panhandle -- aka the circus episode!? *giggles*

Tony and Roxie were way sexier, though :D

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