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I never really imagined I would see Adam Levine, Jeremy Renner and Chris Christie ever sharing a stage.

First time I've watched a whole SNL episode in years... and parts of it were predictably stupid and unfunny, but Jeremy made up for it with his inherent Jeremy-ness. And the Standoff skit really cracked me up, and made me want (as someone on b_c already mentioned) a movie where he plays a badass who is also a single father. Because REASONS.



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That is all.
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So I didn't reach 30,000 words last night, cause I had an attack of the sleepies.

I've got a good feeling about today, though.

What I did accomplish was catching up on TV, and BBT and HIMYM... you did my little shipper heart happy :) Leonard/Penny and Barney/Robin 4EVA heheheh.
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Pick three of your OTPs without looking at the questions.

1. Peter/Olivia (Fringe)

2. Natasha/Clint (Avengers)

3. Sam/Jack (Stargate SG-1)

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I must say... Grimm has been darker so far this season - tonight's was damn creepy in a way that had nothing to do with VFX - but the writing has improved.

Other than the creepy, though, tonight's was good TV.

Wu: :)

Hank: \o/

Juliette: :\

Nick: *pets*

NEEDED MOAR MONROSALEE (this couple is the only time I will ever use a smushname.)
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So I've never watched The Closer, but Major Crimes looks like it might be worth checking out if only because any chance to see Mary McDonnell being a BAMF is like, YES PLEASE.
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"I thought you weren't her boyfriend."

"I'm not. Twelve year olds have boyfriends. I'm her man."

*brain melts*


Jan. 10th, 2011 12:07 pm
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Being Human. Because there isn't enough vampire/werewolf crap on TV (movies, books, etc) already.
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- BBT was pretty good. George Takei was by far the best part.

- Bones was kinda cute but otherwise boring.

- Fringe was just plain evil.

Carry on.

*uses Bones icon to remind her of the good old days*
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Lou Diamond Phillips was on Iron Chef America tonight. I bet Joe Mallozzi is jealous like whoa.


Apr. 25th, 2010 12:16 pm
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Is anyone currently watching FX's "Justified"? I'm kind of intreiged, and I'm not sure why... it's got a 'western' vibe, which I'm normally not into, and it doesn't appear to fit any of my other criteria. However, it's gotten really good critical reception. Hmm...

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