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Carmen Tony (Bra'tac) is on Young & the Restless, bwahaha. As a lawyer, teehee.

It seems like he's put on a little weight. He actually looks pretty good!
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SciFi Friday was awesome tonight.

And there's no one on AIM.

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Six and a half hours to go!

Five and a half if you count the Science of Stargate special.


Now, how to keep myself busy until then...
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Stargate on Conan O'Brien tonight

Don't miss a special Stargate segment on Friday's Late Night with Conan O'Brien on NBC!

Late Night with Conan O'Brien returns to the world of Stargate SG-1 tonight, with a special remote from the Vancouver set of the hit sci-fi series. Late Night graphic artist Pierre Bernard was once again invited to the set to participate in the recent two-hundredth episode celebration, and brought a camera crew along with him!

Tune in to Conan O'Brien to catch the spot -- which promises to also include a few moments behind the scenes with some of the show's cast -- tonight, Friday, May 5, starting at 12:35 a.m. Eastern and Pacific time (11:35 p.m. Central) on NBC.

Bernard previously visited the set two years ago, making a guest appearance as gate technician "Sergent O'Brien" in "Zero Hour" -- which turned into a spot on Late Night. Last year he took a camera crew to the official Stargate convention in Seacaucus, New Jersey (story).

It all started when Pierre decried the return of Dr. Daniel Jackson to Stargate SG-1 in a 2003 "Recliner of Rage" bit on the show.
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Hmm, interesting casting choice for Adria.

Careful, folks, don't look too closely at the URL, it's a spoiler!!!!11!!

I'm not that familiar with the actress, to tell the truth, and I didn't care for spoiler ) much, but she's purdy and I don't have any complaints about her acting.
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Stargate SG-1: Episode 300: Brokeback Jaffa.

"Teal'c... I wish I could quit you."

"Indeed, O'Neill."
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Nope, it has nothing to do with anything on SciFi: Torri, Amanda and Rachel are mentioned in an article on Netscape Celebrity called Sexy SciFi Babes:
Of course we can't leave out some of the Sci-Fi Network's other leading ladies - Amanda Tapping of "Stargate: SG-1," who first got hersci-fi feet wet with "The Outer Limits" and "The X-Files," RachelLuttrell, best known as a member of a fallen alien world on "Stargate: Atlantis," and last but not least, Luttrell's co-star Torri Higginson, who takes great pride in playing the woman in charge on her hit show, Dr. Elizabeth Weir.

Says Higginson of her character, "What I originally liked about her most is that I thought her politics were sort of similar to mine, which is fun to play in a genre which usually kind of embraces the whole Manifest Destiny ideas, which isn't one of my politics," she tells us. "I liked that she was anti-military and really fought for a universal, global community. But when you're dealing with aliens that want to suck the life out of you, politics shift a bit." Indeed.
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Ooh, spoilers, watch out! )


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