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Jul. 19th, 2012 08:10 pm
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For some reason I find myself reccing adorable fluff fic more than anything else. I guess it's probably because there seems to be so much great darker, angsty fic out there and the fluffy stuff just stands out more? I don't know. Plus I appreciate humor because, damn, it's hard to write.

So here, read this!

FIC: The Observable Universe (Clint/Natasha, Gen) PG-13 by [ profile] sarea_okelani

Wherein the team and Pepper and Darcy - and Jane, since it's from her POV - hang out together and totally 'ship C/N.

Jane goes to stand next to Pepper. "So are they..." she begins, looking pointedly over at Clint and Natasha.

Pepper shakes her head in the negative, but gives Jane a Can you believe it? look.

"Really?" Jane says.

"Really. I keep saying the same thing."

"Yeah, it is kind of hard to believe," Tony interjects from behind them, shamelessly eavesdropping. He's apparently finished arguing with Steve. "But apparently, that—" He gestures at Clint and Natasha with his beer bottle. "—is not a thing."

"It should be a thing," Pepper says, looking at the two, who were completely oblivious to their interest. "It's probably because of something stupid."

"Listen, babe," says Tony. "If Barton wants to be out of touch with his feelings, and fill his nights with hard liquor and early Coltrane, too emotionally stunted to reciprocate the love of a good woman, well... goddamn it, that is his fucking right as an American male. And I will not let you, or you" — indicating Jane — "take that away from him."

"Yes, dear," Pepper says, brushing away invisible lint from his shirt. "You're up." She hands him his customized Iron Man-themed bowling ball from the ball return.

"You're doing it again, aren't you," Tony says. "That thing where you pretend to let me have my way, but are actually plotting to have your own way, by making me think it was my idea all along. That's what you're doing, isn't it. Pepper. Pepper, answer me."
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[ profile] marvelousladies has a Drabble Tag event going on over here. Post a prompt, fill a prompt... or the other way around!
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OMG this just made my frickin' day.


Fic recc

Jul. 1st, 2012 05:56 pm
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Okay, so go read [ profile] thoughts_to_ink's if ever two were one, because it's fluffy and adorable and hilarious and there is team-ness and domestic adorableness and basically it just has all the things.
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Okay, I don't know how many of my friends out there even watch Futurama, much less ship its characters, but this fic is just plain awesome... I had to throw a recc out there on the off chance that it'll get passed along :)

Title: the stars are so glad they found you
Fandom: Futurama
Rating: pg
Summary: Set during "The Sting." She is all there, every hair on her ponytailed head, still long lashes around her eye, her silver bracelet visible at her wrist where she has reached up to stroke the pillow like a pet.

Bones PSA

Dec. 5th, 2009 10:51 am
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Thar be totally kick-ass Bones shipfic here.

Go read!
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Title: Orange.
Author: [ profile] sloanesomething
Fandom: Life
Pairing: Uh, duh.
Rating: Adultcakes.
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Okay, so it's official. Charlie/Dani is the best non-ship EVA.

The Edge Of by [ profile] piecesofalice
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Apologies, though, as it's Life fic, not Stargate.

But then, should I really be apologizing? No! Because you should be watching this show! As a matter of fact, go watch it now!

Crews and Reese are the partners that you don't really want to ship but sometimes you find that you just can't help yourself cause hee! And this fic totally captures that.

Title: The First Time
Author: [ profile] broedym
Characters: Reese, Crews (squinting required for Reese/Crews, but then I always was short sighted)
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Through 1x06 (Powerless) and set during the episode
A/N: I scribbled most of this down after watching "Powerless", but I never thought I'd actually post it. But, damn it, I couldn't help myself. It's the red hair...
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Title: Simplicity
Author: [ profile] orphic_isis
Pairing/Characters: Beckett/Cadman
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Summary: "First day of vacation every year, I would run around outside all day long. Inevitably, I'd end up looking like a lobster when the day was done."

Alli's notes: I'll be honest in that this fic could use a little technical beta work. But the tale itself is very light and cute, and I could imagine it all quite nicely in my head. Plus I have a weakness for Carson and Laura, perhaps our only real canon non-alienoftheweek romance, definitely because both the characters are canonically as lovable as they are different. I adore finding good Beckett/Cadman.

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