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Damn it's catchy!

In other news, yes, Virginia, the House health care bill will allow abortions to be federally funded.
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In light of a recent discussion I was having with some defenders of NHS, I thought this was an interesting article.

...In treating almost every cancer, America apparently does better than Britain, sometimes appreciably so. According to a study in Lancet Oncology last year, 91.9 per cent of American men with prostate cancer were still alive after five years, compared with only 51.1 per cent in Britain.

The same publication suggests that 90.1 per cent of women in the U.S. diagnosed with breast cancer between 2000 and 2002 survived for at least five years, as against 77.8 per cent in Britain.

So it goes on. Overall the outcome for cancer patients is better in America than in this country. So, too, it is for victims of heart attacks, though the difference is less marked.

If you are suspicious of comparative statistics, consult any American who has encountered the NHS. Often they cannot believe what has happened to them - the squalor, and looming threat of MRSA; the long waiting lists, and especially the official target that patients in 'accident and emergency' should be expected to wait for no more than four - four! - hours; the sense exuded by some medical staff that they are doing you a favour by taking down your personal details.

Most Americans, let's face it, are used to much higher standards of healthcare than we enjoy, even after the doubling of the NHS budget under New Labour. Of course, the U.S. is a somewhat richer country, but I doubt its superior health service can be mainly attributed to this advantage.

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As I pointed out in the aforementioned discussion, even Obama is backing away from an NHS-like single payer system because most Americans value choice (read: freedom) over security. This has nothing to do with our being evil bastards who want the old and poor to die in the streets. Regardless of insurance, if you call 911 an ambulance will come and do whatever they can to save you. If you walk into an ER with a medical problem, you will be admitted and the doctors will do whatever they can to save you.

Afterwards, you may get a bill. I say 'may' because ambulance companies and hospitals have been known to simply 'eat' a bill rather than try to squeeze blood from a stone. Sometimes medical bills go to collection. Sometimes hospitals set up payment plans. Is it going to be cheap? No. As was mentioned in the article, in the US you will probably get more tests than you actually need. This is because of the attitude of 'Cover Your Ass' that has sprung up in our litigous society. Doctors don't want to settle on a diagnosis and treatment without exhausting all other possibilities because they're going to get sued if they're wrong, and that can put them out of business. They already pay an insane amount in malpractice insurance. This is why people who are interested in real insurance reform - not ObamaCare - are so interested in exploring tort reform. That's something the malpractice lawyers aren't so keen on.

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Since this post is pretty long already, I'm going to put the videos of the health-care protest I attended yesterday behind a cut also. I snagged them off Michelle Malkin's site

ObamaCare protest in San Francisco )
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Hey, I was there!

Dragged dad along too :)

From Pipeline:

Boisterous Tea Party Held In San Francisco

August 14, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - - Nearly 1,000 turned out this afternoon in the "Belly of the Liberal Beast," San Francisco, to protest Obama's healthcare plan and his attempt to impose a socialist model on the United States.

The participants gathered in Justin Herman Plaza, probably startling remnants of the noontime lunchers streaming back to their high-rise office buildings, as the Tea Partying crowd slowly swelled.

A strictly do-it-yourself event, there was none of the mass-produced signage usually present in large numbers at the more normal for this city, lefty street events. Also absent were the socialist and communist merchandise booths that were arrayed throughout all of San Francisco's anti-war confrontations.

Though there were celebrities in attendance, the afternoon unfolded more as forum for the common citizen, with mic time being given to anyone who wanted to express themselves from the stage.

Typical was Martha from the East Bay who said, "Well I am very disenchanted with our president and our Congress and what they're doing shoving this down our throats, where we don't have a say in it. In the arena of ideas, we should all have input into the type of thing that is impacting us so much."

A mom from Alamo stated she came out to voice, "my anger and agitation at the government shoving healthcare down our throats...whatever happened to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness?"

A native San Franciscan and a survivor of lymphoma, when asked why he turned out at the Tea Party, chuckled "Where do I start? The Democratic party is trying to kill America." He then went on to relate that the very expensive drug that saved his life, is essentially unavailable in single payer systems like Canada's, mordantly commenting that if he lived North of the border he, "would be looking at the wrong side of the dirt."

It's this sheer lack of pretension and willingness to take to the streets with some perspective and good will, which decries the MSM's attempted character assassination of the participants in this rapidly building movement.

The site also has some nice pictures. The fella with the tea-bag yoke was one of my favorites.
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And I've heard a lot of dumb explanations.

Does Obama really want comparisons between his government-run health care plan and the freaking post office?

The post office that can't turn a profit?

The post office that is constantly raising fees and reducing services?

The post office that can't follow simple instructions and constantly loses mail?

The post office that provides lack of quality service second only to the DMV?

Dude needs his teleprompter back.
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From Ed at HotAir:
Ed Frank at Americans for Prosperity decided to do a little digging into Barbara Boxer’s contention that ObamaCare opposition came to town-hall meetings too well-dressed to have credibility as a grassroots movement. In this montage sent to the perfect piece of music, Frank shows clips from an Obama rally in support of his health-care reform just two days later, and discovers the sartorial splendor of the Left’s own supposed grassroots. And don’t forget to check the parking lot:

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So, in the last couple of days a memo went out to various unions, including AFL-CIO and SIEU, 'asking' members to go out to these health care town halls and "take on" the conservative groups there. Well, the following was inevitable. I just didn't know it would happen so quickly.

Real Clear Politics: Violence Erupts At Rep. Castor Town Hall [in] Tampa

stltoday: Dueling protesters disrupt Carnahan forum

The most important points:

- Obviously there are people on both sides acting badly

- People who come just to disrupt and scream, no matter what they're screaming, are basically asshats

- If a congressman wants to only meet with a certain group, such as the SEIU, then they need to issue invites so that there's no confusion about who is supposed to get in. Then the police need to be there beforehand to set up some kind of spot where both sides can make their feelings known. Anyone involved in any violence needs to be treated and set aside so it can be determined if any charges need to be made.

What I find absolutely disgusting is that Democrats are still pawning the anti-gov't healthcare crowd off as either crazed racists or people bussed in by the GOP and their supporters to cause trouble. Sorry. I haven't been to a town hall (yet) but I've been to two Tea Parties and I know the people who came, myself included, are just normal people who aren't being paid off by anybody and are just plain pissed off by the whole situation.

Mob attack!

Aug. 6th, 2009 05:10 pm
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Look at all the Nazi thugs! They were obviously hired by insurance companies to harass the AARP. Except, you know, they're members of the AARP. How confusing.

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If you're in the SF area, there's going to be a health-care protest at Nan's office on August 14th. Go here for more info!
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Common sense has been spoken on MSNBC. Take note, people. This might never happen again.

Of course, none of the sense was spoken by actual MSNBC employees ("You do have a public plan! Uh-hunh! You do you do!") but let's not expect too much from them at once.

If you only have a couple of minutes, watch the last half.

(Ryan is kind of a cutie, isn't he?)

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