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Spent the day running errands - food shopping, mainly, since I was almost out of milk and veggies - and then cleaning up downstairs. I decided to take advantage of a spurt of energy and put the Christmas stuff away, so my house pretty looks back to normal now. Cleaner, though.

As a reward, I'm thinking of going out and seeing Les Mis. I know next to nothing about it, other than the fact that there are a lot of French people involved, but I like musicals. I know no one in my family will want to see it, so there's no problem in having to time it with someone else. And there's a showing in about an hour. I'll ponder how much I feel like putting on real clothes :)

And speaking of movies, the Avengers Rifftrax came out today!

Argh! Why did Hulk wear thong today? Why does Hulk ever wear thong!?
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So I just drove about 700 miles in less than 2 days, because I'm crazy like that.

I went down to LA to meet up with [ profile] pixiesio and another of her friends to go to the Hollywood premiere of Ingenious (previously titled 'Lightbulb'). Yes it was filmed years ago and is already on DVD in Canada, but the producers just got a US distribution deal, apparently. No Jeremy wasn't there (he's a big movie star now, you know!) but some of the other actors were as well as other people involved in the film. Just going by the synopsis of the movie, it's probably nothing I would ever have thought to watch, but it was really very enjoyable and funny... a bit raunchy at times, mostly thanks to Jeremy's character, but I would watch it again :)

So that was Friday night, and since I came down via the speedy-but-boring-as-hell-Interstate-5, I went back up north on 101, which is longer and busier but more picturesque; it includes parts of the good ol' PCH - Pacific Coast Highway - and there's just something neat about driving right alongside the ocean like that.

I got in around 6:30 last night, stopped at Safeway for a sandwich and some booze (hey it had been a long day), came home, ate, passed out until midnight, woke up, took out my contacts, and slept til 8:30ish this morning. I have been alternately surrounded by/covered with cats as I procrastinate (1) cleaning up, (2) unpacking and (3) NaNo, which I was actually on pace with until yesterday, so I have some work ahead of me.

So, so thankful that tomorrow is a holiday, that's all I can say.
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* mainly involves chewing on my feet

ETA: Novel page updated! I truly suck at summaries/synopses so I didn't even try but excerpts I can do.
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- Laundry, because wearing clothes to work is generally a good thing
- Dye hair, because picture day is coming up and roots are a no-go
- Take the Hermie-cat to get his shots, if I'm feeling brave... otherwise it can wait until next week
- And... finish fic? Maybe? This last scene is driving me nuts.

Last night I had a dream that I was watching SYTYCD and they did an Avengers-themed episode (hey, why not, right?). And one of the dances was this contemporary/jazz version of Clint and Natasha's fight in the Helicarrier and OMG IT WAS AWESOME.


Jul. 26th, 2012 12:24 am
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OMG a post that has nothing to do with The Avengers, SHUT UP.

I went to Home Goods today and bought a couple of things. One's a keeper, the other will probably be going back tomorrow.

I shall elaborate, with pictures: )
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Okay so yeah I basically just rewatched the Bourne trilogy in one sitting tonight* and yeah, I can see why watching them in the past never really made an impression. You can only stare at the black hole that is Matt Damon for so long without suffering serious memory loss. I had to wear my special black-hole-sunglasses the entire time.

Yeah. Not a huge fan.

On the other hand, I went back and rewatched the Legacy trailers and it made me giggle and clap my hands like a moronic schoolgirl.

Speaking of, how did I not know that JR grew up in Modesto? Which is like, hmm, 30 miles or so from where I went to college, and about 70 miles from where I live now. Modesto needs to put that on its welcome sign. You know: You are now entering Modesto, CA, Jeremy Renner's butt's hometown.

(Okay, I'll stop now.)

Oh, and I'm a redhead again. I've had gray hairs since I was about 18 so I dye it every month or so, but lately I've been sticking fairly close to my natural color with 'Brown Sugar'. But that gets boring so I went back to "Pomegranate", or Garnier's 'True Red'. (I tried to take a picture but between the bathroom lights and my crappy cameraphone it totally washes out the color. So here's the box. Mine isn't that bright because my hair is medium brown to begin with, but you get the idea. Maybe one of these days when I'm wearing makeup and don't feel completely blah I'll actually take a new picture of myself to post.)

*This was also fic research, so it wasn't a total waste of time/brain cells.
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Also -- I am going to wear sandals tomorrow \o/

Yay me!

Feb. 21st, 2011 12:12 pm
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Have had a pretty productive long weekend thus far. Finished a book (will post about that later), dyed my hair (no Sue, it's still not blond), did laundry, currently washing sheets, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, swept and swiffered the floor, bird cage, cat box... go me. I just need to finish my bed and get around to watching the Netflix movie I've had for the last two weeks or so. Plus I want to make some Fringe icons from the episodes I've downloaded :)


Jul. 24th, 2010 05:52 pm
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Went to the dentist today for a regular cleaning. No cavities but the doc said he saw some 'soft' spots we'll need to keep an eye on. They gave me a free whitening kit. Oh, and when I went to pay (Delta Dental covers about 90%, so I owed the remaining $28 or so) the gal at the front desk said 'they would take care of that'. Hunh. Not complaining, obviously, but that was a first.

The excitement continues: I sanded, cleaned and primed the trim in my downstairs bathroom. It already looks 100% better white rather than that icky late-80s beige. When it's dry I'll give it another light sanding and then paint with the semi-gloss. The worst part is the baseboard behind the toilet. Sure, no one's ever going to look back there, but if it's crappy, I'll know, and it'll bug me every time I go in there.
Eating leftover burrito. I had taken out chicken but wasn't in the mood. Maybe I'll cook it up later and save it for tomorrow.


May. 10th, 2010 06:07 pm
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The good:

1. It was the last day of testing for my select group of 'knucklehead' 4th graders, who were really starting to get on my nerves.

2. Installed a new school computer.

3. Got free wine.

4. Got something in the mail that I was waiting for.

5. Finally got something in the mail that I'd been procrastinating on.

6. Had a student write on my white board "YOU ARE THE BEST". She even spelled it right.

The bad:

1. Locked my car keys in my trunk. Doh.


7. I still have AAA Roadside through my mom and the guy was there within 20 minutes, and I was home a little early thanks to light traffic.

All in all, I think I got off easy today.

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