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Yippie, I found my MI:4 BluRay. Now I'm going to celebrate by watching it :D

In other news, I'm almost done with Christmas shopping except for one gift I'm waiting for the #$%^&* USPS to deliver and two gift cards I need to buy. I'm trying to work up the enthusiasm to go out today because I know the stores this weekend will be horrific.

Now on to the movie... )
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Finally home after a long, long day and my copy of The Bourne Legacy was waiting for me on the doorstep.

This movie is Tiny!Clint-Approved

Is it wrong that I just kind of want to hunker down and cuddle my bluray and take a nap?

But nooooo... I have a vet appointment in an hour and a half. No time for napping. Or cuddling. Sigh.
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Taking a break from the NaNo fic to work on Secret Santa fic. And... it started out ironic, but now it's just getting silly. I think I'm channeling too much Renner.

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I never really imagined I would see Adam Levine, Jeremy Renner and Chris Christie ever sharing a stage.

First time I've watched a whole SNL episode in years... and parts of it were predictably stupid and unfunny, but Jeremy made up for it with his inherent Jeremy-ness. And the Standoff skit really cracked me up, and made me want (as someone on b_c already mentioned) a movie where he plays a badass who is also a single father. Because REASONS.



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That is all.


Nov. 18th, 2012 09:21 am
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So I've yet to see the whole of SNL because, well, I started watching an East Coast stream and it crapped out on my during his first skit. So I set it to DVR which was good because by the time 11:35 rolled around I was elbow-deep in a scene for my NaNo. Finished that around 1am and then was just too damn tired to really appreciate the Renner.

But I did see his monologue, and it gave me Rennerific dreams. Mainly it was a dream about Clint and Natasha being in a new Resident Evil movie with Oded Fehr's character (mmmm so much hot) but there was also a movie where he played a soldier and there were other weird apocalyptic things happening, and then a movie where he was running around with two little kids.

Strangely none of these are listed on IMDB yet...

So I have SNL recorded but I'm kind of afraid to watch it now, because I feel like I'm channeling my NaNo characters pretty well right now and I'm afraid of Clint being hijacked by crazy Jeremy (like he was hijacked by crazy Sam after Ingenious *looks at [ profile] pixiesio significantly*)

Also... I've been house/dog/cat sitting for my parents and they're coming home today, and there's stuff to be done because I'm a nice daughter like that.

The plan:

- Quick vacuum
- Laundry
- Litterbox
- Dishes

Hmm okay that's enough of being a good daughter. Thankfully they're already kind of fond of me.
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i.e. things I'm doing instead of writing

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So I just drove about 700 miles in less than 2 days, because I'm crazy like that.

I went down to LA to meet up with [ profile] pixiesio and another of her friends to go to the Hollywood premiere of Ingenious (previously titled 'Lightbulb'). Yes it was filmed years ago and is already on DVD in Canada, but the producers just got a US distribution deal, apparently. No Jeremy wasn't there (he's a big movie star now, you know!) but some of the other actors were as well as other people involved in the film. Just going by the synopsis of the movie, it's probably nothing I would ever have thought to watch, but it was really very enjoyable and funny... a bit raunchy at times, mostly thanks to Jeremy's character, but I would watch it again :)

So that was Friday night, and since I came down via the speedy-but-boring-as-hell-Interstate-5, I went back up north on 101, which is longer and busier but more picturesque; it includes parts of the good ol' PCH - Pacific Coast Highway - and there's just something neat about driving right alongside the ocean like that.

I got in around 6:30 last night, stopped at Safeway for a sandwich and some booze (hey it had been a long day), came home, ate, passed out until midnight, woke up, took out my contacts, and slept til 8:30ish this morning. I have been alternately surrounded by/covered with cats as I procrastinate (1) cleaning up, (2) unpacking and (3) NaNo, which I was actually on pace with until yesterday, so I have some work ahead of me.

So, so thankful that tomorrow is a holiday, that's all I can say.

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