Nov. 18th, 2012 09:21 am
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So I've yet to see the whole of SNL because, well, I started watching an East Coast stream and it crapped out on my during his first skit. So I set it to DVR which was good because by the time 11:35 rolled around I was elbow-deep in a scene for my NaNo. Finished that around 1am and then was just too damn tired to really appreciate the Renner.

But I did see his monologue, and it gave me Rennerific dreams. Mainly it was a dream about Clint and Natasha being in a new Resident Evil movie with Oded Fehr's character (mmmm so much hot) but there was also a movie where he played a soldier and there were other weird apocalyptic things happening, and then a movie where he was running around with two little kids.

Strangely none of these are listed on IMDB yet...

So I have SNL recorded but I'm kind of afraid to watch it now, because I feel like I'm channeling my NaNo characters pretty well right now and I'm afraid of Clint being hijacked by crazy Jeremy (like he was hijacked by crazy Sam after Ingenious *looks at [ profile] pixiesio significantly*)

Also... I've been house/dog/cat sitting for my parents and they're coming home today, and there's stuff to be done because I'm a nice daughter like that.

The plan:

- Quick vacuum
- Laundry
- Litterbox
- Dishes

Hmm okay that's enough of being a good daughter. Thankfully they're already kind of fond of me.
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Antibiotics, work your magic!

*blows nose*

So last night I had a dream that the world was being invaded by these evil poisonous child-eating crabs*. (Or I was a character in a movie about the world being invaded by evil poisonous child-eating crabs... sometimes it's hard to tell.) And in the first act I met Jeremy Renner (or another character being played by Jeremy Renner... in the dream it didn't really matter) and we were both college students (yes I'm well aware that neither of us are college aged) although I think we might have met at a scifi convention. And we hit it off and then we got into an argument and then we made up. But then we had to both go back to wherever we were from, and then the killer crabs invaded (oh God this sounds like a SyFy movie) and wherever JR/JR's character was he was a radio DJ keeping people up to date on the status of the anti-crab resistance and I was listening to him on the radio and having an angsty moment and then we could hear the crabs attacking the radio studio and omg the horror the horror and then my alarm went off.

* or possibly they were lobsters
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- Laundry, because wearing clothes to work is generally a good thing
- Dye hair, because picture day is coming up and roots are a no-go
- Take the Hermie-cat to get his shots, if I'm feeling brave... otherwise it can wait until next week
- And... finish fic? Maybe? This last scene is driving me nuts.

Last night I had a dream that I was watching SYTYCD and they did an Avengers-themed episode (hey, why not, right?). And one of the dances was this contemporary/jazz version of Clint and Natasha's fight in the Helicarrier and OMG IT WAS AWESOME.
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I had some seriously weird dreams last night.

I dreamed that I was watching some concert or awards show and a musician - I think maybe McCartney? - was playing the piano but Jeremy Renner was there too (yes, my first JR dream, I'm quite pleased about that) and he kept pantomiming playing as well and making this ridiculous expression that... well I can only describe it by saying that he looked like an adorable Muppet. And everyone was cracking up but McCartney or whoever was there didn't even seem to notice.

I dreamed that David Letterman had a storehouse full of crates and crates of different flavors of string cheese and I stole some of them and went out onto his set and threw a bunch to the audience, about a third who were dyed yellow from head to toe and I think were pretending to be the minions from Despicable Me.

I also dreamed that I was racing Glenn Close up the floors of a parking garage, only she was taking the elevator while I was running up the stairs, and the floors didn't seem to be numbered in any particular way. We both got to the 'right' floor at the same time but she ran right past what we were both trying to get to, which was a restaurant table where some parking spaces should be.

So... yeah.
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Last night I went to sleep after buying my advance tickets to Deathly Hallows Pt 2 and reading A Game of Thrones, and I think they mixed together in my dreams -- I dreamed about Harry finding out that Snape, not James, was his real father. And then he died at the end 0_o

Now I'm thinking... hmm, Gryfindor and the Lannisters both use the lion in their sigil... sadly I don't think there are any houses in GoT that use the snake, badger or eagle. Too bad... could have been an epic crossover ;)


May. 15th, 2011 10:28 am
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For years I've had this recurring dream about going somewhere warm and tropical and islandy (sometimes it's explicitly Hawaii, but not always), lying on the beach and soaking up the rays, although usually something either prevents me from getting there or for staying for more than a day or two. Last night I had the dream again, only somehow I had gotten there without making hotel reservations...

And then I wake up, and it's Sunday and it's raining and I have no idea what's going to happen with my job next year.

I want to go back to my island :(
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I had more weird Bones dreams last night. The first one was also supernatural... something about ghosts, and Booth's recurrent back problems. The second was literally a Bones/Judge Judy crossover where Hannah was suing Brennan over a gift she had given her and wanted back.

I think I have issues.
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Slept like a log last night. That didn't stop be from having weird-ass dreams about dinosaurs roaming the streets.
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Last night I dreamed that I had written fanfic based on a book, and somehow gotten it published in an anthology. And then the author of the original book was quoted in an interview talking about what I had written, saying some nice things and also giving me some constructive crit. It was very cool and I had decided to rewrite the story, if only for myself, incorporating some of his suggestions. Then I woke up and realized that I couldn't rewrite it because I hadn't written it in the first place!

Today, need to go to Raleys, Target, get my eyebrows done (they're starting to get furry) and then going to see Percy Jackson with Shelby.
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I had weeeeeird dreams last night. Sort of a combination of 24, SGA, and some stuff I was reading about Caprica.

In other news... EEEK tomorrow night is going to be nervewracking. But who would have ever thought that a Massachusetts Senate race even had the potential to be nervewracking? In fact, who would have thought we would see so much excitement surrounding the Senate campaign of a Massachusetts Republican?

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